Whopper Virgin(s)

Created by Crispin Porter the new Burger King campaign is focused in getting people who have never tasted a burger (yes they do exist) to try a Whopper and a Big Mac and chose which one is the best. In order to achieve this they visited various places around the world -Transylvania, Greenland to name a few-  and filmed people experiencing the American junk food  delicacies of the 2 iconic brands. A short documentary was produced and uploaded on a microsite while they also edited 30″ & 60″ spots that aired on TV. As you can imagine the outcome of the testing was that  people preferred the Whopper to the Big Mac even though no numbers were provided for this claim.

Apart from the debate that the campaign has generated in various aspects (incl. political correctness) there is a big buzz around it. However a very important learning  (and I know the Search people will love this) is that the campaign has neglected both their search and SEO campaign. Try googling “Whopper Virgin” and the microsite doesn’t come up anywhere in the 1st page nor any sponsored links! Things are back in order when adding an ‘s to virgin (whopper virgins) where the website comes up first  however as google trends shows they are missing out on a significant amount of searches. I’m quite sure that this could easily be corrected and quite cheaply when compared to the massive TV spend!


You can view the short film hereVodpod videos no longer available.

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